Git Text Graph

I’ve been looking for a good command for making a textual graph of my repo, showing the various branches, where they come from, etc. The reason I like this one is that it’s not only a graph, but it shows the branch names like ‘gitk –all’ does, but only the ones that are tied to tags or branches.

Backups Made Simple

I’ve had complex backup solutions in the past, which I wrote myself with rsync and bash. I’ve recently got sick and tired of the issues that come up now and then with them, so I decided to keep it extremely simple. So, I decided to opt for a couple of rsync only shell scripts. I get emails every time they run, as part of cron.


I was recently asked a question about the conditions under which I would choose SOAP vs REST for writing a Web Service. I was thoroughly intrigued by the question, because I was curious in which way the discussion would go, as that would tell me a lot about the other developer.

OpenLDAP SSHA Salted Hashes By Hand

I needed a way to verify that the OpenLDAP server had the correct hash recorded. That is, a SSHA Hash Generator that I could run off the command line was in order. After fiddling through it, I thought it would be worth documenting in a blog post.