Real Agile and Devops

Kent Beck recently stated that Agile had failed. Agile itself is not a failure, but the push, by some of the best developers and software architects in the world, for the industry to adopt Agile, had failed. The failure was likely due to there not being enough tech people pushing for "Real Agile". All too often organizations adopt a fake version of Agile, and not the real deal. In that sense it has totally failed. I would like to contribute to trying to bring back the push for Agile, as it is really critical for organizations, but also the world. The pace of technology change is affected mostly by the life cycle mindsets that folks in the tech industry adopt. Since technology betters everyone's lives, I would like to contribute to that, at least in a small way.

Making New Linux Disk Visible Without a Reboot

I was having trouble today getting Linux to see my new partition space that I added in vSphere without rebooting the host. The new disk space was made visible by re-scanning the SCSI bus (below) and then the new partition was made visible by using the partprobe command (below).