Conversion to Dalvik format failed with error

I went looking, and looking, and looking, for a solution to this problem. None of them seemed to fit the bill. I tried…

  1. updating proguard
  2. not using libraries I shouldn’t be
  3. re-importing the project
  4. removing duplicate android jars
  5. removing all android jars
  6. a host of other “suggestions” from Eclipse Android users

Not one of the ones I found worked.  I suddenly right clicked the project, and happened to see a menu called “Android Tools“.  I wasn’t thinking it would do anything for my predicament, but was curious what was under it.  I then saw, and clicked, the item called “Fix Project Properties“, and voilà, the error disappeared.

Go figure, an Eclipse option to fix a problem that Eclipse caused.  KEWL!

Hope this helps someone through their pain.

IntelliJ folks, PLEASE add GUI support for android, so that I can ditch this piece of junk Java IDE called Eclipse.