Trenton D. Adams

Trent is a highly experienced Full Stack Developer with over 21 years of expertise in various areas of programming, including assembly and high-level languages, OOD, databases, and TCP/IP networks. Trent has a proven track record in creating robust systems capable of handling large-scale financial transactions and has successfully led multiple payment API migrations. With a strong background in software development and systems administration, he possesses a deep understanding of DevOps principles and is an advocate for streamlined processes and minimized feedback cycles. He has a solid grasp of authentication technology and extensive experience working with diverse languages and technologies, such as Java, Spring, JavaScript, React, and AWS. Trent specializes in translating complex client requirements into efficient technical solutions and excels in effective communication with both technical and non-technical stakeholders. Overall, his expertise lies in delivering high-quality solutions that adhere to industry best practices and enhance code maintainability and simplicity.