• add cloudfront distribution id retrieval based on domain name; query it from cloudfront with aws cli
  • VERIFY - Get disqus going for each post.
  • Add some sort of static javascript search mechanism; This guys seems to have created a nicely simple one. Simple Search
  • Add javascript code to programmatically take the dates of all posts, and add tags of the format YYYY-Mon, e.g. 2019-April. Not sure if this would work with the eleventy data cascade, but it might.
  • take the month based tags and make it a collection to be used in a nav bar item called "History". The permalinks will be /YYYY/MM
  • IN PROGRESS - abstract a collection of recent posts so that we can share that functionality between the index.njk and base-layout's recent posts nav bar.
  • create a blog information data file. The url, title, etc, so it can be re-used.
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