Tora Install on Linux Mint 17

We need to start by installing the oracle client appropriate for your architecture.  Grab the oracle instant client rpms from oracle’s site.  Then run…

sudo alien --to-deb oracle-instantclient11.2-*.rpm


Solution found from a tora bug report.

diff -aur tora-2.1.3/src/toextract.h tora-2.1.3patched/src/toextract.h
--- tora-2.1.3/src/toextract.h	2010-02-02 10:25:43.000000000 -0800
+++ tora-2.1.3patched/src/toextract.h	2012-06-22 21:58:45.026286147 -0700
@@ -53,6 +53,7 @@
 //Added by qt3to4:
 class QWidget;
 class toConnection;


svn export
 cd tora-2.1.3
 apt install cmake libboost-system1.55-dev libqscintilla2-dev g++
 cmake -DORACLE_PATH_INCLUDES=/usr/include/oracle/11.2/client64 \
 patch -p1 # paste above patch in
 sudo tar --strip-components 2 -C /usr/local/bin/ -xzvf tora-2.1.3-Linux.tar.gz