Kingston Rocks

If you plan on buying memory, it most certainly MUST be Kingston memory.  I bought 4G of Kingston memory from CDW Canada, for my Macbook, and it was DOA.  I tried it in my Macbook; Linux was freezing up, and Mac OS X was telling me I had to restart my computer.

CDW doesn’t do returns, so I called up Kingston.  I told them the situation, about how I put the memory in my computer, and my computer quit working, but works with my other RAM.  They immediately issued me an RMA number, and told me that they would be emailing me instructions on how to send it back through fedex; the fedex charges would be billed to them.  I’m like “WHAT”????  You guys are paying the shipping charges?  I was totally expecting to have to pay shipping myself.  So, I proceeded to ask if they were paying shipping charges because I had just purchased it, or if this was the case for the life of the product.  She told me that it was included with the lifetime warranty.

Now that is what I call a lifetime warranty.  So, suffice it to say, I will only buy Kingston memory.  KINGSTON ROCKS!!!