Eclipse Android Hello World Tutorial Video – Part 3

In third part of the android hello world video, we explain the different components of the application, and why things are done in a certain way.  This video is a bit raw.  However, rather than editing the videos, I’m going to try and improve my presentation skills as I go.

Before we get started, the code for part 3 is located on github under the tag “part3“.  You should be able to switch to that tag and download a tar.gz of the code.   Or you can simply clone it as follows.

git clone git:// HelloAndroid
cd HelloAndroid
git checkout part3

In this video, we will

  1. explain the various sections of code
  2. explain the semantics of the android R class for referencing resources
  3. explain the use of localized resource files

We have one new screenshot from this video in the series.  It is the French version of the application.

If this video fails to play, please check back later, it may still be processing.