Eclipse Android Hello World Tutorial Video – Part 1

Part 2

My intention is to make all of my android videos as simple as possible, and as short as possible. That way you can learn what you need to, and get on with it.

This is a quick demo on how to get started on developing for Android.  It is “hopefully” the first in a serious of android demo videos that I will be creating.  I am mainly creating them for myself, so as to become familiar with basic android development tasks, and also to play with recording sessions; I too am a newbie to Android development.  I am putting them on YouTube in case anyone else may find them valuable; perhaps for their simplicity.  I hope you enjoy.

This android demo was created using a software package under Linux called “recordMyDesktop”.  I used it from the command line, as I have not yet attempted to use a GUI tool with it.  I found that I basically required 60 fps, because it did not capture all of my selections if I did not use a high frame rate.

recordmydesktop –fps 60 –v_bitrate 3500 -o helloandroid.ogv

This is based in part on the Android Hello World documentation at