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Compress All Log Files

Posted by Trenton

I decided to start being more active with this blog.  I've always wanted a personal indexer for all the things I learn in Linux or software development.  Might as well make this blog that index.

So, you want to gzip all the log files in a particular directory right?  Well, you better be sure that you're not doing that to live files, so just check them with lsof...

find /var/log/somefolder -type f | while read -r file; do lsof "$file"; if [ $? -eq 1 ]; then gzip "$file"; fi; done
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CentOS Routing with multiple ISPs

Posted by Trenton

I searched everywhere for a simple solution to routing through two ISPs.  There are more complex examples that balance the routing using round robin or whatever, but I wanted a simple port based solution.  So, after spending literally hours reviewing other people's stuff, which never actually worked, I finally figured it out.

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tgtd reload targets.conf failing

Posted by Trenton

I've spent hours trying to figure out why tgtd is not working properly.  I change things in targetd.conf, and nothing actually changes for the initiator (clients).  I can even change the password, and the old one still works but the new one does not.   I found out that tgtd will frequently refuse to stop, even though you shut the service off, and no clients are connected.  So, if you're having this problem where your targetd.conf just doesn't seem to be reloading, check if tgtd is still running.

ps awxuf | tgtd
  • tgtd reload configuration not working
  • tgtd reload configuration fails
  • tgtd config reload
  • tgtd configuration won't reload
  • tgtd config won't reload
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apache tomcat 7 rpm

Posted by Trenton

So, I decided to get an apache tomcat 7 rpm going.  I ended up finding someone who had created one, and then made it work a little bit better.  I had one guy that used to be a fedora RPM contributor help out a bit as well.  The result is a repository on github.

If you want to help contribute, and make it better, by all means fork it and work away. 😀

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perltwit just release

Posted by Trenton

Perl Twit is a Linux/Unix command line utility for sending twitter messages.

I've been using this for probably well over a year now, and just never managed to release it.  Today I decided to push it up to, and let the world have at her.

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Ubuntu Sluggish or Slow

Posted by Trenton

I was recently having a problem where my new computer was becoming extremely sluggish while running Ubuntu Linux 11.04.  The keyboard input was very delayed and slow.  The graphics were terribly slow.  Just about everything in the system became very slow.  I've heard reports from similar problems, of complete lockups.  It seemed to be linked to when the screensaver was activated, or power management was activated.  But, after having disabled both, and continuing to have problems, I realized that wasn't it.  Keep reading for the solution to my problem; I hope it helps you too.

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Slow SSH Login

Posted by Trenton

I had slow login problems with my SSH server for many months, and never bothered to try and fix it. Finally I got sick of it, and enabled verbose mode. I noticed it was doing public key authentication, GSSAPI authentication, and then password. The authentication would fail on public key, then the GSSAPI authentication would sit there for a long time, before moving on to password authentication.

Add the following to your /etc/ssh/sshd_config

GSSAPIAuthentication no
GSSAPICleanupCredentials no
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Asus Transformer Android 3.1 Contacts Force Close

Posted by Trenton

I just bought an ASUS Transformer TF101.  I set everything up, and suddenly found that my contacts manager application from Google was crashing with a "Force Close" button.  I was very upset about that, so I tried to rectify it.  I was getting the following error...

  • The process android.process.acore has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.
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tcpdfilter – tcpdump filter

Posted by Trenton

To anyone looking for this page. I noticed that some people had searched for my tcpdfilter program as recent as 2007. I had assumed that fresh meat would keep it around forever, so I just left it there, and forgot about it. Seeing it is now gone, I got to thinking, and it's possible there's people out there that might have really old systems that they still need to support, via network debugging of some sort. If you have a more recent system, tcpdump will output hex and ascii, if that's all you need. Or, if you need packet decoding capability then ethereal or wireshark may be better choices for you. Still kicking myself for not making a GUI packet decoder like ethereal. ethereal came out relatively shortly after I wrote tcpdfilter. 😛

So, if you are still looking for it, let me know, and I can scrounge up the source for you. I do have it on my system.

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Ubuntu won’t boot raided root

Posted by Trenton

Well, I've had a lot of trouble switching my system from LVM, to RAID1+LVM on ubuntu 10.04.  I got another drive for my system, created a mirror with one drive (temporarily of course) asked lvm to move my entire system over to that physical device, added the previous drive to the raid array, and rebooted (oops).  I am listing a few things that are important to know when you're both new to Ubuntu, and doing raid post installation of Ubuntu.