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Enumerate All Block Devices

Posted by Trenton

I found a great little utility that can enumerate through all the block devices, including your lvm, crypt, etc.

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Safe Shrinking of ext3 LVM volumes

Posted by Trenton

When shrinking your LVM volumes, it is important to do it safely.  I will show you how I like to do that here.

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Recover LVM Volume Groups and Logical Volumes WITHOUT Backups

Posted by Trenton

I recently had a misfortune, in that somehow my volume group meta-data got corrupted, and LVM would not enable the volume group. Essentially, I lost my LVM volume disk. This happened after I resized a volume, and had done a file system check before and after. So, I knew my data was still there.

I did an lvextend on my primary logical volume. Normally this is a routine task, but for some reason, things went very badly for me this time around. I did an "fsck -f" before and after extending the volume and the filesystem (with resize2fs). Everything checked out just fine, so I thought everything was done, and ready to reboot.

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