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Razer Deathstalker Stuck Enter Key On Login

Posted by Trenton

There have been two updates since they said they'd fix it.  Neither update fixed it.  If you run into this, please contact razer and bug them about fixing it.  In the end, I posted on their facebook, and ended up getting a very quick response and resolution.  My keyboard firmware was out of date by quite a bit.  Once support got back to me with a firmware update file, I installed it and all is well.  If you are having troubles, please contact them; perhaps mention the firmware, because the people I was originally dealing with just kept blowing me off.

I've been having this problem with Windows 7.  I'm not sure if this solution will work on any other Windows platform, but it may.  I am not even sure that this is a safe operation for Razer Synapse, as it may lose your settings.  I haven't had a problem, but I make no claims or warranties as to whether this causes problems on your system.

If this is happening to you, it's because of synapse, not your keyboard. Their software gets messed up during the unlocking of the session somehow. This solution will fix it.

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Age of Empires Cannot Detect CD

Posted by Trenton

I have the collectors edition, which includes AOE 1/2 and the expansions.  I was having troubles with this game, as it kept asking for the CD, when the DVD was in the drive.  This was because I applied a patch downloaded off the original site, thinking I needed to make sure it was up to date.  Well, as the story goes, the readme.txt on the DVD tells you NOT to do that, and that all the latest patches are already applied, and the ones on the website are not compatible with the DVD version.

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