I think Pokestop submissions would be a bad idea

Hat’s crazy. Iw. That was him. Adam Thierer, who specializes in the intersection of free speech and technology at George Mason University’s Mercatus Center, said the debate over the 3D printable gun computer code is like a remix to a song. Guns, of course, pose different risks than encryption technology. Thierer said he believes the Defense Distributed code is almost certainly speech, but the question is whether the government can demonstrate a compelling interest to regulate it..

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moncler outlet store I’ll start with just my opinion. Keep in mind this is just my personal opinion. I think Pokestop submissions would be a bad idea. EDIT: Yes, as many people have pointed out, I did lie about my background in this post. Please do not upvote. This post was an attempt to put pressure on EA and raise awareness to this issue. moncler outlet store

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