Evernote Loses Your Data

Be VERY careful with using evernote on multiple devices.  ALWAYS sync BEFORE editing.  Evernote does not care whether your data is current or not, it will overwrite it one way or another.  I wrote a whole whack of notes on my French course, in French, laboriously, and it lost a very large amount of them.

This does not happen every time. Usually it will show you both versions of the documents if there was a conflict.

So, be careful, evernote loses data.

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  1. I agree with this. I have had two important notes disappear in the last week. At first I thought I was going crazy. Eventually I found them in the trash and was able to restore them (note: I did not delete them). What I think happens is that if you are using Evernote in an overlapping way on two machines its synchronisation gets confused and it can delete a note before it has been backed up in the cloud. Suggest only have Evernote open on one device at a time!

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