vmware modules 2.6.30-rc3

If you are using VMware-Workstation-6.5.1-126130.x86_64, you will find that it does not work on kernels greater than or equal to 2.6.29.  The vmware modules will not load.  I found one patch for vmware to work with the Linux kernel 2.6.29 on the vmware forums, and I came up with another patch for 2.6.30-rc3 on my own.  If you know who made the original patch (as I have lost the link to the forum), please let me know who that is so I can give credit where credit is due.  Below are the results.

I have tried these changes on 2.6.30-rc3, and 2.6.30-rc7, and they seem to work fine.  I would imagine that they would work on 2.6.30-rc3, 2.6.30-rc4, 2.6.30-rc5, 2.6.30-rc6, and 2.6.30-rc7, but I have not confirmed.  They may also work on 2.6.30 versions that are less than rc3.

Once you have finished installing vmware, put the following files all in the same directory and run the shell script.  It should backup and then patch the original source.

sh vmware-modules-2.6.30-rc3.sh

You will find backup copies of the original source in /usr/lib/vmware/modules/source-backup.

Once you are finished, you will be asked to run another command to install the new modules.

vmware-modconfig --console --install-all

If it fails on a newer version of the kernel, you should be able to simply find out what the problems are, and why it’s incompatible with the new kernel, and then…

  1. create a new patch file
  2. modify the shell script to apply the patch after the two patches above
  3. move the “source” folder to a backup name
  4. move the source-backup folder to the “source” folder
  5. re-run the shell script

I hope this is useful for someone.  If you find it useful, I would appreciate hearing about it by a comment.  Also, feel free to link to this blog.


8 Replies to “vmware modules 2.6.30-rc3”

  1. which directory ?
    i get the error , even though the files are in the directory /usr/lib/vmware
    Sorry, patch file /usr/lib/vmware/vmware-modules-2.6.29-portable.patch not found

  2. The patches and the script must all be in the same directory. I use /var/tmp/ as the directory where I put them.

    But, it appears that wordpress changes the names of the files. So, either make sure the names match what is specified inside the shell script, or modify the shell script to use the files you saved.

  3. hello Trent ,
    Thanks for your response .
    I renamed the files …. i get into another roadblock.
    its asking me for a “File to patch: ”
    I don’t know that, I have a ubuntu 9.10 , karmic koala 64-bit desktop , alpha 2 , and I want to get the vmware working on it.
    I am just trying it and don’t know much. I really appreciate your help .

    ebs@ebs:~/Documents/vmware-server-distrib$ sudo sh vmware-modules-2.6.30-rc3.sh
    Found tar file for vmci module
    Found tar file for vsock module
    Found tar file for vmmon module
    Found tar file for vmnet module
    Using patch file: /home/ebs/Documents/vmware-server-distrib/vmware-modules-2.6.29-portable.patch
    Using module directory: /usr/lib/vmware/modules/source
    Using backup directory: /usr/lib/vmware/modules/source-backup
    Untarring vmci.tar
    Untarring vsock.tar
    Untarring vmmon.tar
    Untarring vmnet.tar
    Testing patch 29
    can’t find file to patch at input line 4
    Perhaps you used the wrong -p or –strip option?
    The text leading up to this was:
    |diff -urN source-OLD/vmblock-only/Makefile source-NEW/vmblock-only/Makefile
    |— source-OLD/vmblock-only/Makefile 2008-10-28 22:47:20.000000000 -0700
    |+++ source-NEW/vmblock-only/Makefile 2009-03-26 19:29:30.000000000 -0700
    File to patch:
    Skip this patch? [y]
    Skipping patch.
    1 out of 1 hunk ignored
    patching file vmci-only/Makefile
    patching file vmmon-only/include/x86apic.h
    Hunk #1 FAILED at 94.
    1 out of 1 hunk FAILED — saving rejects to file vmmon-only/include/x86apic.h.rej
    patching file vmmon-only/linux/driver.c
    patching file vmmon-only/linux/hostif.c
    Hunk #1 succeeded at 3424 (offset 1 line).
    Hunk #2 succeeded at 3538 (offset 1 line).
    Hunk #3 succeeded at 3662 (offset 1 line).
    patching file vmmon-only/Makefile
    patching file vmnet-only/Makefile
    patching file vmnet-only/netif.c
    patching file vsock-only/Makefile
    Sorry, problem with the patch, I can’t apply it

  4. Hi, it looks to me like you are using a different version of vmware. My patches and the previous patches for 2.6.29 are only likely to work with VMware-Workstation-6.5.1-126130.x86_64. Make sure you are using that exact version. Newer versions may have changed their source code a bit here and there, so aren’t likely to work. I noticed some of them worked on yours, but not all of them; that is a good indicator that what I am saying is likely the case. So, go see if you can download an archived version (matching the one I mention above) of vmware. I believe they have them on their site.

  5. thank you , i was working with vmware server 2 and workstation lastest , but now I am using workstation version same as you mentioned which is working fine.
    Thanks a lot .

  6. No problem, you’re welcome. I may update it to work with the latest at some point; no promises though. If I do, I will drop you an email to let you know, and post it on the blog as well.

  7. Thanks a lot. Your patch works good with VMware-Workstation-6.5.2-156735 on debian squeeze(2.6.30-1-686 kernel). The install script brought some error,so I patched manually.

  8. Hey, thanks a-lot for that patch, it works great. I just wanted to give people a tip in case they had the problem I did. If they have patched for previous kernels, or are just having problems with the patch, uninstalling and reinstalling vmware can clean up the original source directory thus allowing the patch to apply.

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